Institute for Studies of the Recent Past

More than 20 years since the fall of Communism, Bulgarian society is still fighting to make an adequate and informed assessment of its recent past. Communism has passed behind, but it has not been cast off. There are still networks and links between the old Communist regime and the present-day political or public figures it spawned. Our society has no clear consciousness of what is right and what is wrong; what is the constitution of the authentic values of democracy and what is inconsistent with them.

Every day we encounter signs in different areas of life, aimed at the tacit rehabilitation of events, people, or cultural traits of the Communist regime. Of course, one can say that these are isolated cases that cannot change the direction of our social/political development, but the accumulation of such exceptions has led to considerable confusion in Bulgarian public life and especially in the education of the younger generation. Bulgarians face the danger of bypassing history or, more accurately, of history bypassing them.

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